The Horns are silent now……

His horns are silent now, as they gather dust on their cases. Such was not the way it used to be.

He was the best musician I’ve ever met and I know many who are incredible. The power of his Tenor sax as he played…. and for a change up, Dixie clarinet, flute or pretty much any other woodwind.

I used to wonder why he never got to the big markets, now I think I know a large part of it. You see, he was working hours and hours to keep a family fed and housed. That came first. Everything else was somewhere after that. Tuning pianos, repairing musical instruments playing local (sort of) venues. He stayed busy.

Yes, his horns are silent now, but the music has been playing itself in my mind ever since his passing. Reminding me of a childhood listening to either those horns or Mom’s violin.

Goodbye Dad….

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