The enticement of magik

Okay, For all of the brethren that don’t understand how someone could choose to walk the magik paths here is a brief rundown.

First off, it can start in any number of ways.. from childhood experiences to a bad run in with church folk… to open recruitment from other witches.. However it starts it tends to go along a few tracks. Some are looking for something to worship, some are looking for power. Some are looking for a measure of control over their world. It is very appealing when you look at it from their perspective. Let me explain:

As the occultist progresses, they are given the illusion that they are the ones in control of what is going on. After all, it’s THEIR will and power that is causing changes in the world around them. The fallen spirits that are enabling them will allow this to play out as long as it suits them to play with the humans. What tends to happen eventually though is that they don’t need to play any further and either drop the occultist outright or reveal themselves to them. Prior to getting to this point though, the occultist doesn’t usually want to think of living any other way. I will admit that it is rather intoxicating to be ‘in control’ and affecting changes in the world around you with magik. So yes, I get it. I should, after all, I was one.

The reality of the matter isthat while theyhave a hard time imagining any other way to live, God wants them to come toHim through Jesus. And He has so much more in mind for them. That is not easy for a witch to grasp hold of since their world is about them being in control.

Now for the church folk, if you think about it, it’s not any different from any other form of sin that gets between a person and Jesus.Not any different at all.So there is really no need to get all worked up into a tizzy over running into a witch.Tell them aboutJesus and how to be saved, pray for them, answer questions if theywish to ask any of you. Same aswe should be doing with everyone all over town. Just understand that their answer may be to decline Jesus’ offer. It is the freedom to choose that He has given to all of us.