Sorry Chris Martin, Franklin Graham was right…

Another blog was shared and crossed my news feed on facebook, by a gentleman called Chris Martin who has taken issue with Franklin Graham over his decisions about Wells Fargo and their support of the LGBT community.

Martin’s heart may well be in the right place, but I find his conclusions to be somewhat off.

First, let’s be clear; Wells Fargo can support whomever they choose, after all, this is America. By that same token, Franklin Graham can bank wherever he chooses. He even has the right to call on people to join him in moving their accounts away from that Bank. This seems to be what Martin has taken exception to.

Martin says that we are to love our neighbors, no matter what. Okay. I’m good with that. What he seems to be missing though is that there is a difference between loving them and supporting them in a sinful lifestyle. You don’t love your alcoholic neighbor by keeping a bottle of Crown handy in case they need a drink. Much as you don’t love your addicted neighbor by driving them to their next fix. To bring it a little closer to home… you don’t love your local witch by helping them get to coven meetings.

This is the principle involved here, as Franklin Graham moves his accounts from a bank that is providing support for and enabling people following the LGBT lifestyle. He is calling for others to do the same and some of them probably will, thusly removing their resources from a place of being used to support this lifestyle.

It is not always possible to make such an informed choice, and at times even when informed such a choice is not possible. However, making the choice to love your neighbors without helping them wreck their lives is to be commended rather than condemned.

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