enjoying your religion….

A quote is apparently going around on facebook from Kerr Cuhulain and was drawn to my attention…

“If you’re not enjoying your religion, either you’re not doing it right or you’re in the wrong religion.”

Letting alone for the moment that Kerr is a witch with whom I have crossed paths a couple of times in the past, let us look at the statement as it stands by itself. For starters, it implies that all religions are equally valid, which is reasonable coming from an occultist worldview. Also reasonable from that perspective is the thought that one could be unhappy doing a religion wrong…

The actual issue that I have with this otherwise okay statement, is that the number of folks who do not realize that christianity is not really a religion and will just lump it in with the world’s religions when they see statements like that. My Father in Law liked to explain it this way… ‘religions are man made ways of reaching out to gods… Christianity is God reaching down to mankind’. Following Jesus is truly a relationship, not a religion. Sometimes we make it out to be a religion, but it really is more than that.

Taking that all into account, I would like to submit that Kerr Cuhulain’s statement is almost correct. My thought is a little different though: Whether or not someone is enjoying their religion, they should trade it in for a relationship with our Savior, Jesus,

Just ask Him to forgive you and save you…


3 thoughts on “enjoying your religion….”

  1. I need advice on witnessing to a witch. There is one who owns an antique and metaphysical shop in my neighborhood. I pray for her but have never been to her shop. First time I prayed for her was when driving by her shop and I came under spiritual attack before I got home. I use to dabble in witchcraft several years ago before I got saved. So I don’t know that much.

    1. Well, you learned a lesson then. The demons will fight to keep the people that they have deceived. The first order of business is to keep short accounts with God. Prayer for God’s power and love to fill your being is essential for witnessing to anyone, especially witches.
      Understanding that witches are just people, coming in all different personalities and on widely varying spiritual paths. No one knows them all, so specialize in knowing Jesus.

      1. Thnx. I did learn a lesson alright. Every time I pray for her I also pray for protection. You are right. I don’t have to know everything, I just have to know Him. Please pray for me as I go about this.

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