The Church, a dysfunctional family…

To those who have known me from the ExWitch forum days… or from the days I spent time at Carm… what ¬†you are about to read will not surprise you. ¬†Except, of course, that I am choosing to write it at all.

Through the years I have been thrown into contact with people from various denominations and ‘movements’, ¬†and I have tried to follow this rule:

If that is where you think you should be, and where you get closer to our Lord, then it’s cool with me. ¬†Even if I disagree with you on various doctrinal issues. ¬†Even if I think the ‘leading lights’ of your group are absolutely nuts.

If you have asked Jesus to be your Saviour, I will treat you as a follower of Jesus. ¬† ¬†This has led to more than one online cage match as I would step in to defend Catholics, Eastern Orthodox… Charismatics.. etc. ¬†Interestingly enough, several of the folks I would defend then later assured me that I was not actually a christian since I was not of their path. ¬†Oh Well.

They also seemed to not quite understand why I would not be part of their particular movement, so I will explain that now. ¬†I am not Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Charismatic, Pentecostal, Hebrew Roots, Emergent.. or any other than I am because God didn’t send me to gather with those fellowships. ¬†Our Lord sent me to gather with a group of Independent Fundamental Baptists. ¬† It was His choice, not mine, of where my household should have as a home church.

So to my friends that don’t quite get how I could be who I am and go to a Fundy church… That’s it in a nutshell. ¬†Y’all go to wherever you want…. hopefully that lines up with where God wants you to go, and I will keep going where He wants me and mine to go.

The kicker to this is, whenever you start saying things that I hold to be erroneous I will eventually confront you on them. ¬†Even if it is only to make you think. ¬†That doesn’t mean I don’t like you or am picking on you.. it means I think you should take another look at whatever it is.

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