An ExWitch’s Nightmare

Imagine, if you will, that you are in church.. in your usual seat.

The preacher is a guest evangelist, a Brother in the Lord that has been used to introduce many people to Jesus over the years. Somehow he gets to the topic of Halloween and it’s associated evils…..

I know how it happens… He spoke of things that he learned back when even more of the church was in the thrall of Irvine, Brown and others with their tall tales about things they used to do. Personally I tend to view their books as church horror novels, rather than non-fiction.

So…. come a little further with me and hear this dear man of God say that Halloween is Satan’s HIgh Holy day, and that the missing children on various signs won’t be seen again because they’ve been killed by satanists. Then there is the point about LaVey being active and recruiting in the military.

Now as you hear this, remember that you are hearing it with the understanding borne of many years in the occult. After all, you are a Former Witch. So you know that he’s wrong on these points, and you know that there is not one thing you can do to keep the rest of the brethren from hearing and believing these statements….. And wondering what they will inadvertently say to some witch or pagan to drive them further away from Jesus due to this night.

Thank you for walking with me through my Sunday evening service Nightmare. Instead of just hoping no one paid attention to those points of the message, a little bit of education follows:

Halloween: currently the Candy Maker’s holiday, with a little thrown in for costume makers as well. A day loosely corresponding with Samhain and various harvest festivals in the Northern hemisphere. Another day that the Lord has made. 🙂 Rejoice and be glad in it, and pray for all the children that beat a path to your door that day.

Missing young folks: I will give them this; there are people out there that kill. Some for spiritual power. Some of them might even be in this country. Maybe. The vast majority of witches, satanists, wiccans, neo-pagans, satanists, neo-druids etc.. wouldn’t dream of such behavior. Yes, I did list satanists twice. There are at least two main types… theistic (worship satan) and philosophical (worship self).

Think that’s confusing? Wait! there’s More!…. more flavors of witches than flavors of christians. Lump them all together, you can not.

As for Lavey…. unimportant. There have been atheists, witches, wiccans, healers, and satanists in the military since well before his arrival on the scene. At least when they come out into the open, you can know who to pray for.

Mark Bishop

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  1. Excellent blog! As a former witch myself, I too, have sat through one to many teachings biting my teeth and squeezing chair cushions to avoid interrupting a well-intended, highly misinformed teaching from a respected brother in the Lord on the topic of Halloween. (sigh) It’s amazing to see false information spread like wild fire and all the more reason for the truth to be told. Well done, brother.

  2. Yes, this is the time of year when we hear a lot of mis-information from the pulpit on Halloween. So as an ex-witch, I was rather pleasantly surprised at the depth of knowledge I recently heard from one pastor of a large local Calvary Chapel associated church. He was also very compassionate towards people deceived by the cults and the occult. But, I have found that the pastors of his church, and other churches, are a bit lacking when it came to meeting the special needs of people leaving or having left the occult world for Jesus.

    The reason I am responding to this blog is I left my occult/New Age lifestyle about 2 1/2 years ago, surrendered my heart to Christ and have been trying to learn and grow as a Christian since. But, I always find this time of year to be very lonely and frustrating. My memories of Samhain are sweet…the thinness of the veil and contact with those beyond it have a strong pull on me. (And yes, I know this is a deception of the Devil, but it still has an effect on me!) Remembering causes this battle for and against Christianity to go on in my mind. And this year is especially tough since I learned that a beloved fellow High Priestess recently died, and I find myself longing to be a part of the pagan memorial that will take place for her. Sorry if that shocks some readers but it’s true.

    I remember when I first got saved I really needed to have an Acts 19:19 occult book (& etc) burning since I had accumulated a lot of material after years in the occult. But, living in the city I didn’t have a way to have a bonfire and, after a brief explanation of my background and recent salvation, I asked for some help or ideas from leaders in the church I then attended. Their response, amazingly, was to tell me that I was demon possessed and asked me if I was hearing voices! Can you believe that? That’s just one example of some of the bizarre experiences I have had since coming to Christ! There seems to be a lot of ignorance and prejudice out there!

    Since I have found that the church leadership, in my experience, just doesn’t seem to understand the stresses and the huge adjustments that a new believer who is an ex-occultist goes through, I have been searching in vain for ex-pagan/occultist, etc support groups on the internet. Most of them are focused on getting the person saved, and they don’t seem to recognize the need to help a person after salvation through all the major life changes and adjustments that need to happen.

    Anyway, it took a long time for me to find this blog. I am hoping that someone would be able to point me to a support group or something similar, internet or otherwise that would be comprised of people who have been through similar things as I have. Support groups abound in churches for everything from post-abortion support, to special needs parents groups, and families of addicts. Why not nurturing, discipleship ex-occultist groups that aren’t strictly focused on evangelizing?

    1. Thank you for posting.
      You have found the right place I think, although since I re-did
      the website as a blog style, I am not sure how to do some things
      that we did when we had an active web forum.
      I will start by revising and re=posting my articles again since
      those may be a help to you and others.

    2. You are not alone. There are actually quite a few of us out here who have been there and know exactly what you’re going through. I was blessed when I came out with The Way Out ministries run by a former witch but she is no longer running it. It was similiar to what you described and I agree something lacking in the church. Feel free to write.

      1. I only know a little about Wicca. I tried being a witch in high school many years ago even though I grew up in church. I didn’t get saved until after I graduated. I’m not sure, though, with my limited knowledge how to help a new Christian coming out of the occult. And even more Christians know less than me. So, I guess I’m asking what we can do to help more? I know some people can be insensitive. They’ve probably been misinformed.

        1. Ok, this deserves a blog post of it’s own… I’ll try to get to it in the next couple of days.


  3. Hi, has one of you been through astral attacks or gone through split brain programming?, how did you beat that….what prayers did u use

    1. Well, ,Victory… nothing jumps out from my memory about it at this time, so it’s obviously nothing that I have had a part in.

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