Staying in the same theme….

I really was done with the deliverance ministry issue… but something parallel has come up and I thought I would address it.

One of the things that I find unreal this season is that Christians would attach each other over political positions.. I mean seriously; I don’t care if you are liberal or conservative politically, that has no bearing on your salvation or walk with God at all.

The reason I am tying it in with the DeliveranceIndustry ™ posting is some of the statements and accusations being hurled about. Making the same mistakes that DM’s do with their assumptions. Just because you disagree with someone’s political positions doesn’t mean that they are possessed. Especially when you are talking to another Christian. If one’s soul is occupied by the Holy Spirit, it’s not going to contain a horde of demons also. I’ve seen this in DM circles as well as it came up in political discussions recently. Kind of silly, actually, when you think about the situation.

If the followers of Jesus would simply go back to God’s way of Bible reading and Prayer, the world could be turned upside down again. And it won’t matter who’s in the White House.