Deliver us from Deliverance Ministries

Since Deliverance ministries have made their way back onto my radar, I think that I will address them now…. proceed with caution…..

My first experience with Deliverance wasn’t exactly a good one.¬† I had left the magik paths and been following Jesus for about six years at the time.¬† During a brief stay in Massachusetts a gentleman who heard my background insisted that I needed to have a demon of witchcraft cast out.¬† Keep in mind that I hadn’t noticed any critters hanging around and since I am a Christian, being possessed wasn’t something I was concerned with.¬† Anyway, he started praying in ‘tongues’ over me and the check in my spirit was the second clue that something wasn’t right…. and it wasn’t with me.¬† I don’t doubt that he was sincere.¬† I know that he was sincerely wrong.

That was a rather tame episode compared to what some folks go through.  Deliverance runs everywhere between fairly calm and violently abusive.  Just as Deliverance Ministers run from sincere believers to opportunistic predators.  I freely admit that my sampling is comprised of the experiences of former witches, but somehow I find it difficult to believe that there is much difference within the population at large.

Pretty much without exception, The Deliverance Minister will maintain that God has called him/her to this ministry. Okay;¬† I don’t have an insurmountable problem with that assertion.¬† However, I do want to see scriptural justification for the things that they are saying and doing.¬† After all, I can do so for my position on the matter.¬† Clue- it’s at the end of the book of Mark.¬† More on that later. There is another issue at play here.¬† Actually two, but they are fairly interconnected so I will bring them up together.¬† First there seems to be this need make a complex method to explain and ‘do’ deliverance.¬† They want the demon’s name and position in the spiritual pecking order for starters.¬†¬† Some get so caught up that they try to learn all they can about demons and share that ‘knowledge’.¬†¬†¬† Scriptures please.¬†¬† Anyway, that has led over the years, to the Deliverance Industries complete with ‘how-to’ books and larger books about demons of all kinds. Real and imagined.¬† These tend to remind me more of books on magik than anything biblical.¬† It makes sense though, because if it is complicated it leads to more books to sell, etc.

Now, back to my views on ‘deliverance’:

Is it real?   yes.

Is it the business of a small group of Christians?   No.

You see, when it gets back to the Bible, any Christian can rebuke a demon.¬† Some are harder to get rid of than others, and we are advised to fast and pray for dealing with those. Basically, I don’t see Deliverance or more broadly, Spiritual warfare, to be special ministries at all.¬† We are here to introduce people to Jesus.¬† Healings, miracles, deliverance etc, are almost incidental to that as we keep our focus on winning souls to Jesus.

Ye ole ExWitch, just keeping it real.

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