About the primary process…

There, I’ve waited long enough to post nicely so here it is…

So, you’re upset about the outcome of some primaries..: Okay.

And you’re upset about how some states have chosen to run their primaries..: That’s okay too.

Then you are demanding that they ‘fix’ their primary system. That is NOT okay. I understand that some people don’t get the concept of State’s rights, so look at it this way: Colorado doesn’t have to listen to New York. Pennsylvania doesn’t have to listen to Florida. New Mexico doesn’t have to listen to Nevada. And if it is something that is not in line with the Constitution, none of us should listen to D.C.

If you are that disturbed about how a particular state runs it’s primary, then you could move to that state and try to change it. Alternatively, you could get on with your life, because you have no real standing in how another state takes care of it’s electoral process.

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