Looking Back

As I’ve followed the path of Christianity, there have been many frustrations along the way with the church as a whole. Things taught, things not taught… Denominational squabbling, etc..

Until last week’s taping.. (note to self: never do an interview on that little sleep ever again………) I was even holding the church responsible for the length of time it took me to sort out prayer, the spiritual gifts, and things of that sort. Realistically though, during this time God has kept people in my life that both understood much and could be examples for me. This was a point that I know I didn’t get across well during the show. Which makes it a good point to put here in print. Even when the ‘church’ falls down on the job, there are God’s people out there to help the next crew coming along the trail. So if I had paid attention sooner, I would have benefitted from their wisdom earlier in my walk. Which would have been preferable to the path I took.

Some authors from days gone by to help you on your way:

A.W Tozer, R.A. Torrey, John R. Rice, and D L Moody.

As far as Brother Rice goes… He was a Fundy Baptist that many more of us should emulate. One of the greatest works I have read was his: “The Power of Pentecost” I would recommend it to any Christian.. and especially to any Ex-Witch. If you can’t find it anywhere close by, you should be able to order it from ‘The Sword of the Lord’ They have a bookstore as well as other resources available.

Now, time to make it real. Don’t just read the books; actually use what God teaches you through them. Take it to you daily life. every day.