The Myth of vaccines not being connected with autism.

This happens to be an issue that I have been looking into, off and on, for many years. That being the case, I will give you a quick distillation of what I have found, remembered, and surmised.

Over the years I have read studies from the US and elsewhere about autism and it’s possible causes. I have also, for obvious reasons, read many differing treatment protocols. As far as causes go, it is apparent that there are many different ways to get to the perfect storm that creates autism in an individual. Partly genetic susceptibility, partly environmental challenges. The 1000 piece puzzle.

That’s what it seems to be… a 1000 piece puzzle with a number of people looking at a few pieces at a time… usually different pieces, judging from what I have seen written. Some of the studies point to an imbalance in the microbiome of the intestinal system. Some studies point to live virus still in the body.. from a vaccine, btw. Some studies point to extreme nutrient deficiency. Of course there are some studies that have come out that seem to contradict all of the above. As to the vaccines.. there is the issue of: Why? is it the virus? possibly. Is it perhaps the toxic preservatives and other interesting additives? In some cases, that seems to be the case.

The various treatment protocols are grappling with the same 1000 piece puzzle, but are handicapped by a lack of understanding and the sheer complexity of the condition. You have nutrient protocols, chelation protocols, anti-allergen protocols, equestrian therapy, diet and lifestyle. All of them help some people, some help more people than others, and for some people the help is mild while others are helped more profoundly.

I’m tired so we’re going to start weaving the threads together now, even though I’ve left many unmentioned.

We have a subset of the population that is susceptible to various health problems from environmental challenges. These challenges can be illness, toxins, medicines (including vaccines), allergens, etc… And when a system fractures, sometimes the result is autism. Of course, sometimes it is something else. From this portion of the human population comes many, many occurrences of vaccine injury claims. You’ve probably read some of them yourselves. ~ the child is fine then after a vaccine they suddenly are not fine any longer. Typically the medical folks say that it is not related. Now I know you can’t do a double-blind test on this, but that doesn’t void what is happening to real people… real families.

Bottom line: vaccines are not usually the sole cause, but they are a heavy contributing factor. And sometimes…. the damage can be reversed. After all, we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator.