About the primary process…

There, I’ve waited long enough to post nicely so here it is…

So, you’re upset about the outcome of some primaries..: Okay.

And you’re upset about how some states have chosen to run their primaries..: That’s okay too.

Then you are demanding that they ‘fix’ their primary system. That is NOT okay. I understand that some people don’t get the concept of State’s rights, so look at it this way: Colorado doesn’t have to listen to New York. Pennsylvania doesn’t have to listen to Florida. New Mexico doesn’t have to listen to Nevada. And if it is something that is not in line with the Constitution, none of us should listen to D.C.

If you are that disturbed about how a particular state runs it’s primary, then you could move to that state and try to change it. Alternatively, you could get on with your life, because you have no real standing in how another state takes care of it’s electoral process.

To bake or not to bake…. or half-baked…

Since it’s coming across my facebook feed again, I am finally going to address the issue of the Bakers that are having their lives destroyed by the ‘tolerant’ left. Why? for chosing not to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding.

The narrative being passed around facebook goes something like this: ~Jesus ate with sinners..( of whatever type they choose to name) but you won’t bake them a cake? ~

There are several problems with this… we’ll go over the high points.

First, in most cases that I am aware of, the bakers involved have no problem selling their wares to the people involved. so it’s not about ‘baking a cake’. Taking a half truth and using it to string along the storyline you want people to believe is a poor substitute for reasoned argument.

When Jesus ‘ate with sinners’ he wasn’t condoning their life choices, He was showing them the way out. A same-sex wedding isn’t a way out, it is saying you’re going to stay in this lifestyle for the long haul. Something that many Christians have a hard time putting their seal of approval on. Thusly, they get hammered down.

Is that sinful life choice worse than mine? hardly. After all, I was a witch. Something thathas been forgiven by our Lord since I turned to Jesus.

To those who say that the bakers in question are being hateful, I must disagree. To my mind, the most hateful thing that they could do is put their stamp of approval on the wedding, leading the homosexual community to think that it’s okay in God’s view. Bake for them, sure. Love them as people, absolutely. Make the centerpiece for that wedding celebration ? I don’t find that to be very loving at all….