What Christians can do to help a former witch…

Thanks Brandy, for your question.

Things that you can do to help a new Christian that came from witchcraft start with prayer. That’s where they end also. Prayers for God’s love and power to cover them as well as yourself.

Now that you know the beginning and the ending… let’s look at some things in the middle. They are people, same as you. They have a past that Jesus has saved them from, same as you. Yes, they will have special challenges along the way, since Satan likes to hit us where he got us before. Encourage them to read the Bible and pray, and perhaps get into a bible study. In times of extreme stress, pray more for them. Be willing to pray with them.

Please understand that much of what the church thinks about witches just doesn’t fit the reality of most that I have met. One thing that may follow them even after they have turned to Jesus though, is they may remain sensitive to the spiritual realms around us. Above and beyond many people. This can lead to confusion, sometimes serious. What you can do to help with this is show them about prayer and the shield of faith. The last thing we want is for them to think that the only way they can defend themselves spiritually is with what we learned on the magic paths. Getting closer to God is a much better option.

Another thing would be to neither buy into or spread the various church myths about witches and Halloween…They are mostly wrong anyway. Those are some of the things that can be done, then again, we end in prayer.

Sorry Chris Martin, Franklin Graham was right…

Another blog was shared and crossed my news feed on facebook, by a gentleman called Chris Martin who has taken issue with Franklin Graham over his decisions about Wells Fargo and their support of the LGBT community.

Martin’s heart may well be in the right place, but I find his conclusions to be somewhat off.

First, let’s be clear; Wells Fargo can support whomever they choose, after all, this is America. By that same token, Franklin Graham can bank wherever he chooses. He even has the right to call on people to join him in moving their accounts away from that Bank. This seems to be what Martin has taken exception to.

Martin says that we are to love our neighbors, no matter what. Okay. I’m good with that. What he seems to be missing though is that there is a difference between loving them and supporting them in a sinful lifestyle. You don’t love your alcoholic neighbor by keeping a bottle of Crown handy in case they need a drink. Much as you don’t love your addicted neighbor by driving them to their next fix. To bring it a little closer to home… you don’t love your local witch by helping them get to coven meetings.

This is the principle involved here, as Franklin Graham moves his accounts from a bank that is providing support for and enabling people following the LGBT lifestyle. He is calling for others to do the same and some of them probably will, thusly removing their resources from a place of being used to support this lifestyle.

It is not always possible to make such an informed choice, and at times even when informed such a choice is not possible. However, making the choice to love your neighbors without helping them wreck their lives is to be commended rather than condemned.

enjoying your religion….

A quote is apparently going around on facebook from Kerr Cuhulain and was drawn to my attention…

“If you’re not enjoying your religion, either you’re not doing it right or you’re in the wrong religion.”

Letting alone for the moment that Kerr is a witch with whom I have crossed paths a couple of times in the past, let us look at the statement as it stands by itself. For starters, it implies that all religions are equally valid, which is reasonable coming from an occultist worldview. Also reasonable from that perspective is the thought that one could be unhappy doing a religion wrong…

The actual issue that I have with this otherwise okay statement, is that the number of folks who do not realize that christianity is not really a religion and will just lump it in with the world’s religions when they see statements like that. My Father in Law liked to explain it this way… ‘religions are man made ways of reaching out to gods… Christianity is God reaching down to mankind’. Following Jesus is truly a relationship, not a religion. Sometimes we make it out to be a religion, but it really is more than that.

Taking that all into account, I would like to submit that Kerr Cuhulain’s statement is almost correct. My thought is a little different though: Whether or not someone is enjoying their religion, they should trade it in for a relationship with our Savior, Jesus,

Just ask Him to forgive you and save you…