“From the Craft to Christ” by S.A. Tower

Well, it’s arrived. The newest ExWitch book is about to hit the stores..
My copy has come and been read already.

In this work, “From the Craft to Christ” By S.A. Tower, is anaccounting of variousformer witches and their paths through life on their way to walking with Jesus.

It is straightforward in the beginning sections where the discussion trendsto why people land on the magik paths and what the church should be doingin response to this trend. As well as discussing some of the newer fadsin the church that smack of witchcraft, and some of the church myths areaddressed as they pertain to what witches really do and are.

The work is written primarily from the perspective of Wicca, which makessense as most of the folks involved, including the author were Wiccans.

As normal, I don’t fit the cookie mold. But Ms. Tower put my testimony as chapter number fifteen anyway. 🙂

Pre-ordering is done and they have shipped, but this book should be
available in the stores on Sept 14th.

I truly do recommend it as a sane,honest treatment of the subject of witches and the church.


Are Christians pagan……..

So here we go again.

Honestly though, is seems like nothing has changed, which is a pity.

I came across this picture on facebook that addresses things which I have had to deal with in the past.. so here…. lets start with what it says.

“Hebrew Roots is an occult?

Christianity has adopted Christmas/pagan idol worshiop of winter solstice yule god, pagan idol worship of Ishtar/Easter, 40 days of lent/40 days weaping for Tammuz, The Lord’s day/pagan day of Sol invictus the sun god.

I’m sorry…. who is in an occult? ”

Now, discounting the poor wording and grammar, we’ll take a look at the content.

First, I don’t know who ‘Hebrew Roots’ is, I would think they are an offshoot of the Messianic movement which is fine by me.. The problem here is that this person is spouting the same nonsense I found on the web years ago.

Christmas. Okay, since when is celebrating the birth of Jesus pagan?… and ‘winter solstice yule god’ really? Why do people think that celebrating the Saviour’s birth is worshiping that creature? Something to ponder there…. moving on now.

Pagan idol worship of Ishtar….. does not equal Easter at all, which is when I celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

’40 days of lent/ 40 days weaping for Tammuz’ so okay… I have no idea and am not even looking it up right now.. I admit to having lint in my dryer but that’s about it.

‘The Lord’s day/Pagan day of Sol Invictus the sun god.’ The first day of the week was designated as the Lord’s day… has nothing to do with Sol Invictus… sun god my eye…. in which tradition?

I think what disturbs me most is the exwitch that was seemingly in agreement with this mess… She should know better since with worship, it is a matter of intent more than anything else. I am sorry for them if some misinformed folks are equating them as being in the occult, but….. the followers of Jesus are not.

I am actually going to deal with something else as well… just for those who buy into the whole ‘pagan christianity’ nonsense. If you are going to say that because some pagan somewhere did things on a certain day or in a certain way, that christians are pagan….. you better stop cooking your food, and living in shelters because pagans did that… oh and birthdays…. oh yeah, before I forget; there is pretty much a pagan holiday on every calender day of the year somewhere,in some tradition or other so you better stop using the calender and stop celebrating on those days…. or worshiping on them… or anything else…… feel free to go hide in a dark corner somewhere safe though.